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On average, 44 per cent of the nations surveyed indicated that there government should impose economic sanctions against Russia because of its recent actions and 43 per cent agreed that their countries should "impose personal monetary and asset freezes or penalties against President Putin and other leaders in the Kremlin who have wealth and holdings".

Only one quarter (26 per cent) said they would "support a mixed military force from various European countries including my own to deploy as a buffer inside the Ukraine so that Russia will not advance further".

They had two options: Start running, or the other thing. Normally before combat he went into what he called “work mode,” shutting off all unnecessary thoughts and emotions.

Mikael Skillt laid a reassuring hand on his Smith & Wesson knife. He felt that way now too, behind separatist lines in Ilovaisk in eastern Ukraine.

In a bid to end the crisis contest bosses appointed Swedish Eurovision supremo Christer Bjorkman as contest producer for Kiev late last month.Sweden had the highest support for protecting Ukraine's stability, with 69 per cent agreeing that the nation's leaders should do everything in their power to bolster the unity of Ukraine. Of the countries surveyed, 50 per cent indicated that they supported their nation doing "everything possible to ensure that Russia does not advance further into the Ukraine beyond Crimea".Those most likely to support this proposition were again from Sweden (65 per cent), followed by Poland (58 per cent), Ireland (54 per cent), Germany (52 per cent), Great Britain and Spain (51 per cent), Italy (49 per cent), Belgium (47 per cent), France (43 per cent) and was lowest again in Hungary (34 per cent).And, in Skillt’s experience, a balaclava normally concealed the enemy’s face. That’s what they teach you in sniper school: Never look at the faces.Related: Inside Ukraine’s Grassroots Fight for Democracy When night fell, it was time. They had rolled down the windows of the jeep and had been smoking and drinking vodka for a while. Creeping up to the vehicle, Skillt took the driver’s side.

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