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No mater how strong your relationship is, the drudgery of the everyday will test even the most rock-solid partnerships.Real-life gets in the way of the romance; because whether we like it or not, piles of never-ending laundry and kids with overloaded schedules will put a dampener on even the most steamy couples’ passion.

“I didn’t really grasp that he was going to be this huge force in my life. Just before the end of dinner, he asked could he take me for dinner again. It might be true that your partner doesn’t love you as much anymore; but that statement is arguable. “When _____, I feel _____.” You can’t argue with someone’s feelings, but you can argue with what might be causing those feelings. [image: via Ed Yourdon on flickr] Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet? For example, “You don’t love me as much anymore.” That is arguable. A truer statement would be “When we don’t spend as much time together during the week, I feel ignored and disconnected from you.” In that statement you are stating a fact (what’s happening) and how you feel in response to it. What’s going on is that you’ve reached a new level of normal. Your partner is no longer the fresh, wild and undiscovered person you first met. One key in doing this is to do it in a way where you own your own experience. It means sharing what’s true for you in away that is not arguable. This is the courageous part because it might be calling out the elephant in the room, but it also involves sharing some vulnerable feelings.

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