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She does whatever she feels like doing within the Hans' framework. She's big.” But, she added, not too big for her teammates.“She can jump out of the roof,” teammate Sydni Wainscott said. “She's so caring, and she's not selfish,” Wainscott said. “She's very humble for everything that's been on her plate. They love her.” As inescapable as Moss' presence is her public connection with her father, a reality she has learned to accept, if not necessarily celebrate.

He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft, where he played for seven years before a trade in 2005 brought him to the Oakland Raiders.On April 29, 2007, Moss was traded to the New England Patriots for a fourth-round draft pick.On October 6, 2010, Moss returned to the Vikings in a trade from the Patriots.Thomas More coach Jeff Hans said the all-around game of his star player, Sydney Moss, “is not just about her going out and scoring points.” Maybe not.But while doing all the other things she does well, Sydney Moss dropped 63 points on Waynesburg in a Presidents' Athletic Conference semifinal last Friday, a Division III record.

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