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But more importantly, Anna shows that she has no clue what confidence is when she claims that men like when “a woman carries herself like she knows she’s hot shit.” That’s not confidence, that’s cuntiness.

Reading About-Face’s blog empowers me and makes me feel stronger — why not spread the love to other amazing blogs like Plus Size Princess?

Even better: Anna’s channel is named “Sickening Curves.” Sickening is right: men like curves on the boobs and butt, not the thighs and gut!

The video itself is the usual assortment of fatgrrl/nerdgrrl whining: are allowed to be fat, slovenly and unattractive.

The male CEO of Woo Plus went on to detail the catalyst that this idea derived from - his "sister experiencing this herself" and inspired by a recent video "posted on You Tube by Social Experiment that showed the rude, mean-spirited reactions by men when they met a blind date whom they thought was thin, but who turned out to be heavy" are the two reasons given for this creation, thus the Tinder style Woo Plus was born.

The press release describes further how the app has a specific policy against fat shamers with permanent bans on "anyone who makes disparaging comments on another member's appearance".

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I have never once gotten a boner from a girl crowing about how strong and independent she was.

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