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I also have a MX-EVS and a couple of Yashichas, a 124G and a 44. I carefully placed it in my "museum" (which is really just a bookcase with all my old cameras - with a glass door to keep out the dust).

I never tried to use it, but after I got the retro-bug I tried various places to see if I could get it serviced.

Nobody would touch it (they do Flexes but not Cords).

Rolleiflex is a series of medium format 120 roll film cameras manufactured by Franke & Heidecke, in Germany.

It came with the Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 75mm f/3.5 coated taking lens and Heidosmat 75mm f/3.2 viewing lens. The Rolleicord III also came with a Zeiss Triotar variation, I'm not sure if that was cheaper or more expensive, but my guess is that it's the former (a simple triplet, guessing by the name).

They retained the same twin-lens design and excellent leaf shutters of their more expensive siblings. No base studs, no back studs, no spirit level, small focusing knob .237601 . Metal body.12, 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 roll-film. Leather covered metal body.12, 6 x 6 cm exposures on B2 (120) roll-film or 6 exposures on B1 (117). Full-size ground glass focusing screen without condenser with cross hairs giving 25 squares. Automatic film counter after initially setting to 1, operated by movement of film advance lever. No base studs, no back studs, no spirit level, small focusing knob with leather covering, two red windows without covers, crackle finish to hood, cut-out take-up spool spring, flock covering in exposure chamber.217046 . Auto-stop on film advance after initially setting to 1 in red window, not coupled to shutter.

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