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A most important aspect of this book, found in no other Hogarth edition, is the positioning of the editor's commentary on each plate on a facing page.

The action of acid was used to make a pattern of grooves on a copper printing plate.

The printing press was duly installed on the dining room table at their home Hogarth House, which gave the Press its name.

There were a number of reasons why the Woolfs were keen to start printing.

Usually bound volumes of graphic works are cataloged as a whole, with added name subject entries for artists included in the volume.

The classification scheme for graphic works are local call number and is based on the date of the work.

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The roughly 30,000 works on paper include over 10,000 caricatures and satirical prints, important holdings of drawings, and portrait and topographical prints, most of which are cataloged and searchable in Orbis or Quicksearch and browsable in the Library’s Digital Images Collection or Find It.

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