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Retirement is a good time to assess what is important in our lives.

By focusing on our priorities and downsizing in retirement, we can make space for the things that really matter.

Capella University offers a variety of online degree programs up to the doctoral level, including healthcare, social work, business, counseling, and education.It helps us to simplify our life on a fundamental level. This is exactly what I decided to do when I moved to Switzerland.It all starts with shifting our focus away from “things” and towards experiences and people. I decided to get rid of most of the clutter in my life and focus on the items that were, to paraphrase William Morris, either “useful or beautiful”.Ensure your safety and peace of mind - read the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE.All old stories (more than a few months old) are compiled together as alphabetical archive, and now include photos of women-scammers and links to related articles.

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